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The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew
The Chill Chew

The Chill Chew

Calming Hemp Bites For Training, Traveling and Stress

The Chill Chew is geared towards stressed-out furbabies and paw-rents at their wit's end. These calming hemp bites make training your pup pawsitively a breeze, helps travel go smoother than you ever thought possible, and help your very own fido find some R&R— rest and relaxation. 😴


Need help keeping your dog calm during stressful situations?

Dogs are naturally fun and delightful companions. However, a stressed and tense dog can be frustrating for everyone. Like us, dogs experience fear, stress, tension, or nervousness. 


Unfortunately, our pups can only express that energy through disruptive behaviors such as whimpering, howling, or barking non-stop. Some distressed dogs may even growl, chew furniture, or bite. 


Help your furry friend stay composed and behave naturally with The Chill Chew by Fido.


Relax your pup's nerves with the help of The Chill Chew. These chewable bites are infused with hemp seed oil and powder. Hemp contains natural compounds that help put your dog at ease during challenging moments. These treats also contain thiamin, L-tryptophan, passion flower, and melatonin, which promote restful and deep sleep.


Stomach troubles can also make your furry pal feel jittery and grumpy. After all, who isn't a little testy when their stomach aches? The Chill Chew is packed with ginger and chamomile, which may help soothe your dog's tummy and may provide relief from discomfort.


These tasty dog relaxing bites are ideal for keeping your furry best friend nice and chill during trips to the groomer or the vet, plane or car rides, or meeting new people or dogs. They're also great for soothing your dog's nerves during a thunderstorm, through fireworks displays, or when left alone.

  • Tasty Chicken Flavor
  • 60 Soft Chews



    Hemp Seed Oil + Powder promotes restfulness and sleep, and takes the ‘bite’ out of your pups anxiety. Contains no CBD or THC.


    Soothing ingredients, like Passionflower, Thiamine Mononitrate, and L-Tryptophan help your pup take a relaxing “paws”.


    Regulate your pup’s sleep cycle with Melatonin, so they can rest easy in a stressful situation.


    Happy tummies = happy pups. Chamomile and Ginger will soothe any tummy troubles your pup might be facing.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    My dog loves these!

    These chews truely calm my dog down. Bandit is a rescue dog who suffers severe anxiety when left alone and these help ease that!

    Before travel in car and occasionally in early evening


    Randel Arnold
    Julep is given the chill chew daily.

    She is mellow and more relaxed, as a result of her being relaxed our household is more calm. She is much more enjoyable to be around and i'm sure she enjoys us more when she isn't so hyper.

    Joe Finley
    when I need to focus on work as well as late in the evening

    Keely is generally pretty chill when we're at the house and it's just the two of us. But she gets very spazzy and anxious around random people, especially large crowds in busy areas. I use chill chews at home but I intend to give Keely a couple chill chews next time I take her to the park to see if it helps her.

    During stressful transitions or periods of loud noises.

    Earl gets worked up and nervous about being in new places or loud noises. The Chill Chews has helped us tremendously during those stressful transition times!

    Amy D.
    New Years, Texas weather changes, other misc times like working from home and when she is irritat...

    Relaxed, calm and stops scratching.

    Jan Cox Dwyer

    Love The Chill Chew! My 6 year old lab, Maddie, has always been anxious, even in just daily situations. She is now on a steady dose of The Chill Chew and is so much easier to live with. Thanks All Fido.

    Erin Altieri

    I have a very anxious dog and the chill chew helps calm him during the day while I'm busy working at home. It also helps with training, Theo is more focused!

    We treat our pups like family.

    You’ve got a cabinet full of supplements you take to stay healthy and happy, so why not do that for Fido too? 

    The Chill Chew is scientifically formulated to help your furbaby rest and relax— perfect for anxious travelers, training a rambunctious pup, or run of the mill stress from things like thunder, vacuums, or making new friends. 🐶