Supplements to make your good boy even better.

Sit. Stay. Supplement.

Fido, from the Latin root fido, means to trust. And that’s what we’re all about. You want only the best for your good boys (and girls).

From calming chews for stressful times, to a pup-preferred all natural ear cleanser, Fido is here for your furbabies and everything they need to live the paw-some life we know they deserve. 🐶

The Chill Chew

The Chill Chew is geared towards stressed out furbabies and paw-rents at their wits end. These calming hemp bites make training your pup pawsitively a breeze, helps travel go smoother than you ever thought possible, and helps your very own fido find some R&R— rest and relaxation. 😴

Chill that puppy out

Clear Ears

Clear Ears does exactly what you think it does. It’s a water based ear cleansing solution — not only is it a better option for your pup (no harsh chemicals here!) but it smells pretty darn good too. 

Clear those ears

 “Great owners give their dogs great products.”

— Bobby Dwyer, Co-Founder