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We are more than just a dog supply company – As dog lovers, we understand the powerful bond between a person and their furry companion. That is why we are committed to using our love of dogs to empower people with disabilities and improve their quality of life.

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The Chill Chew bottle

The Chill Chew

Calming Hemp Bites

The Chill Chew is geared towards stressed out furbabies and paw-rents at their wits end. These calming hemp bites make training your pup pawsitively a breeze, helps travel go smoother than you ever thought possible, and helps your very own fido find some R&R— rest and relaxation. 😴

Chill that puppy out
Fido Flex Bottle

Fido Flex

Joint Support Soft Chew

Fido Flex Advanced Joint Support Soft Chews is a comprehensive joint health supplement for use in dogs. Recommended to support joint function, flexibility, and healthy joint cartilage. Formulated with a synergistic blend of Boswellia, Turmeric, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a great tasting soft chews dogs love!

Put the pep back in your pet’s step 
Skin and Coat Bottle

Skin & Coat

Omega-3 Liquid

Skin & Coat Omega-3 Liquid for dogs and cats is formulated to provide a comprehensive blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Recommended to help support healthy skin and coat. Choose our Skin & Coat liquid because your pups deserve to be comfortable in their skin. 

Get The Coat Of Your Dreams
Steady Stomach Bottle

Steady Stomach

Probiotic Soft Chew

Steady Stomach Probiotic Soft Chews help maintain a healthy intestinal tract in dogs. It supports digestive health during traveling, kenneling, and training, and may be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapy and deworming. Steady Stomach contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms and a specialized blend of vitamins to promote your pet’s overall digestive health.

No Tummy Aches, yes Play-Dates
Clear Ears

Clear Ears

Ear Cleaning Solution

Clear Ears does exactly what you think it does. It’s a water based ear cleansing solution — not only is it a better option for your pup (no harsh chemicals here!) but it smells pretty darn good too. 

Clear those ears
Hydro Relief Bottle


Medicated Spray

Hydro-Relief Medicated Spray may support symptoms of hot spots, bites, inflammation, and skin conditions so your pet can heal quickly. Hydro-Relief includes Hydrocortisone and Pramoxine, which help to support skin health. It may soothe skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies. Give your pup their comfort back, and stop that constant itching. Try our easy-to-use soothing hydrocortisone spray today!

support their skin
Keto Relief Bottle


Antiseptic Spray

Keto-Relief Antiseptic Spray is an antibacterial & antifungal formulation designed for dogs, cats, and horses with dermatological conditions that are responsive to Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole. It also contains Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E to nourish the skin and further control irritation.

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Sit. Stay. Supplement.

Fido, from the Latin root fido, means to trust. And that’s what we’re all about. You want only the best for your good boys (and girls).

From calming chews for stressful times, to a pup-preferred all natural ear cleanser, Fido is here for your furbabies and everything they need to live the paw-some life we know they deserve. 🐶

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Earl gets worked up and nervous about being in new places or loud noises.

The Chill Chews has helped us tremendously during those stressful transition times!During stressful transitions or periods of loud noises. 

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My dog loves these!

These chews truly calm my dog down. Bandit is a rescue dog who suffers severe anxiety when left alone and these help ease that!

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When I need to focus on work as well as late in the evening. 

Keely is generally pretty chill when we're at the house and it's just the two of us. But she gets very spazzy and anxious around random people, especially large crowds in busy areas. I use chill chews at home but I intend to give Keely a couple chill chews next time I take her to the park to see if it helps her.

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Travel and large family events.

 Vehicle travel much more peaceful for ourselves and Molly. She isn't as nervous/anxious.

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Our dog Atty seems to have a better understanding of what is going on and less distracted from things, she is a bit more relaxed while still being present and ready to please.

 When we have company over, When we travel or when it is time to wind down for the day and relax. 

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She is mellow and more relaxed, as a result of her being relaxed our household is more calm. 

She is much more enjoyable to be around and i'm sure she enjoys us more when she isn't so hyper. Julep is given the chill chew daily. 

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Relaxed, calm and stops scratching.

New Years, Texas weather changes, other misc times like working from home and when she is irritated. 

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We use the chill chew product when our dog seems anxious.

Georgie recently experienced a ruptured disc. Our vet asked us to keep her calm and isolated for two weeks during the healing process. When she began to show some signs of anxiety, we would give her a chill chew. The product seemed to calm her for a while. We also have a pug who becomes agitate with guests. The chill chew also helps him to relax for company. The chill chew is a helpful product!

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One Chill Chew really calms her down and she's ready to go to sleep.

 Sally is hyped up and needs to calm down at night so everyone can go to sleep, she barks...

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