It started with a love of dogs.

And a realization that there was a lack of education around dogs. Through his experience as a working, obedience, & family dog trainer, co-founder Bobby Dwyer realized supplements are just as important for dogs as they are people.

Our Story

Brothers-in-law Brad Madrid and Bobby Dwyer have a shared passion for people and paws. It wasn’t until 2021 that they saw a need in the market to produce products that would change the narrative around pet wellness, while supporting a greater good. Based outside Houston, TX, the duo works with research teams and non-profits to support families and dogs. 

Bobby Headshot

Bobby Dwyer / Co-Founder

Bobby is a Manufacturing Engineer, by education; engineer, by profession and owner of Two Brothers Sporting Dogs which offers dog training and breeding.

With a lifelong desire to understand dogs at a high level and many years of experience, Bobby has placed a gentle hand on hundreds of dogs. His experience has allowed him to develop an intimate understanding of how dogs think and function.

Brad Madrid / Co-Founder

No matter the task at hand Brad takes every challenge with passion. His energy and relentless focus on finishing the job have proven to be successful. Brad has experience in multiple roles in the healthcare space, ranging from sales and marketing, account management, to operations and process automation.

If you are looking for Brad, you will most likely find him on the phone pacing up and down his driveway with his dog, Oscar. Doing what he loves best: solving problems while making people smile!

Our pets are family, so we should take care of their wellness like we do our own.

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