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Clear Ears
Clear Ears
Clear Ears
Clear Ears
Clear Ears
Clear Ears

Clear Ears

Water-based Ear Cleanser

Clear Ears does exactly what you think it does. It’s a water-based ear cleansing solution — that means not only is it a better option for your pup.  It doesn't sting or burn and effectively maintains your pet's ears by thoroughly removing dirt, debris, and wax.

    Keep your pet's ears in paw-mazing condition without irritating ingredients.

    This water-based dog ear cleanser is specially formulated and pH adjusted to clean, dry, acidify, and deodorize your pet's ear canal. Clear Ears has antimicrobial properties and soothing aloe vera, which helps calm irritated ears and can help heal existing infections. It can also minimize itching caused by allergies.

    Does your pup love to have a splashing good time at the beach or in a pool?

    Don't let your fears stop your dog from enjoying its favorite activity. Apply this cleanser to the ear canal liberally to help eliminate any bacteria that could have been present in the water. Clear Ears provides drying capabilities for moisture left inside the ear canal. Make sure always to clean their ears after they swim or bathe.

    Say goodbye to stubborn, icky wax stuck inside your pet's ears.

    Clear Ears help soften hard wax and can prevent further buildup by using an effective combination of Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Salicylic Acid, and Benzoic Acid.

    Clear Ears is made with love and nourishing ingredients like all our products. We care about our pet's wellness like our own family.

    MADE IN THE U.S.A. 🇺🇸


    Aloe Vera calms irritated ears, reduces inflammation, and can help heal infections. 


    Moisturized ears are healthy ears! 


    Soften hardened wax and reduce build up!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Joe Finley
    I haven't tried it yet but intend to try it next time Keely goes swimming


    After swimming or when Earl gets dirty in the mud.

    Earl loves playing in the water and Clear Ears has kept his ears clean after swims!

    Jonny Blair
    Our Golden has recurrent ear issues - likely from allergies - and this product seems to make him ...

    Seems to soothe the itchiness

    Bailey Crowell
    Once a week

    Cleaner smell

    Carter Snape
    A couple times a week

    Clean ears and no ear infections

    Lauren Rothwell
    I use Clear Ears on Flynn a couple times a week or immediately after swimming/bathing.

    Flynn is a Boykin Spaniel. His big ears are constantly infected and Clear Ears helps me get ahead of ear infections after swimming, etc.

    We treat our pups like family.

    You’ve got a cabinet full of supplements you take to stay healthy and happy, so why not do that for Fido too?

    Clear Ears is scientifically formulated to help keep your pup’s ears clean and clear of any wax, debris, fungus, and bacteria. Sounds dog-gone good to us. 🐶